Pineview Primary School

Blue and grey was the colour scheme that was chosen for the new staffroom at Pineview Primary School, and that is what we have delivered on.

We have incorporated plenty of seating arrangements for the teachers t pick and choose from each day.

In the main lunch area, we have used our Sassy Campfire set, Sassy couch selection, Round Tables and some Coffee Table Ottomans to create a relaxing and comfortable space for the teachers to unwind in.

On the other side of the screen, we have used multiple Flip Top Tables and Acti Sled Chairs to create the perfect meeting space separate from the main lunchroom for the teachers to have meetings or show presentations without the distractions from the other side of the screen.


Products Featured:

Flip Top Tables                            (441008)

Acti Chair Range                        (B40-910071)

Sassy Campfire Set                    (662011)

Round Table                                (B30-920003)

Coffee Table Ottoman               (665002)

Sassy Couch                                 (662009)

Sassy Chair                                   (662001)

Sassy Corner Couch                   (662004)

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