Brabham Primary School

Within the new staffroom here at Brabham Primary School, we have given these teachers an endless amount of seating arrangements all with only using a few of our products.

In this room we have used our Sassy Booth Sets, Sassy Campfire Set, Round Ottomans and Round Tables paired with Mady Sled Leg Chairs.

The items that we chose for this staffroom are all interchangeable and all come with lockable castors, which allows the teachers to move the furniture around to suit their preferred lunch seating arrangements or even for teacher meetings.

No two days will look the same in this staffroom.


Products Featured:

Sassy Booth Set              (664001)

Sassy Campfire Set        (662011)

Round Ottomans           (661014)

Mady Sled Chairs           (665029)

Rectangular Table         (441008)

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