Beenyup Primary School

Drawing inspiration from the grey and slightly orange carpet, we used some deep blues, greys and a splash of orange to give the new staffroom here at Beenyup Primary School a bright and welcoming atmosphere for the teachers.

Using multiple soft seating from the Sassy Range, we were able to create modular seating arrangements to suit whatever function the staffroom requires.

The light wood look was used on all the tabletops to tie in the limestone walls and break up the rich, darker colour scheme used on the Sassy Campfire and Sassy Booth Set.

By incorporating Flip Top Tables into this space allows the teachers to create mobile workspace options for those important staff meetings and presentations and allows for easy storage when not in use.


Products Featured:

Sassy Campfire                                   (662011)

Flip Top Tables                                    (441008)

Coffee Table Ottoman                      (665002)

Sassy Couch                                        (662009)

Sassy Chair                                          (662001)

Sassy Booth Set                                 (664001)


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