Grandis Primary School

Using the new carpet as inspiration, we utilised the bright and fresh colours to give the staffroom at Grandis Primary an upgrade.

Utilising the Sassy Seating range, along with the coffee table ottomans, we were able to create modular seating arrangements to suit whatever function the space needs.

The grey Sassy Campfire paired with the golden wood look high bench tables create the perfect leisure space for the staffroom, as well as the use of high bench tables and stools.

We also used flip top tables to add to the versatility of the room as they can be used as a single table to eat or work at or joined with others to create a modular meeting table.





  • Sassy Campfire (662011)
  • Sassy Chair (662001)
  • Sassy Couch (662009)
  • Coffee Table Ottoman (665002)
  • Flip Top Table (441013)
  • Acti Sled Leg Chair (B40-910072)
  • Acti Stool (B40-910073)

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