Yanchep Beach Primary School – LIbrary

Yanchep Beach Primary School – Library


The Library at Yanchep Beach Primary School has received a very bright and colourful upgrade.

For this project, our brief was “There needs to be colour”, and colour is what we have given.

By using a wide variety of bright and colourful pieces, we have created a space in which the children actually get excited to spend time in the library.

We have incorporated endless seating options in this library, so no library visit will be the same as the last. With the use of the booth seating and tables, this library is inviting for children of all year levels. Whether it is the year ones coming in and jumping into the reading dens to look at their picture books, or the year sixes needing to use the booth seating for their upcoming projects, we have given these children everything they need to succeed.

Products Featured:

  • Sassy Twist with Shelving           (662012)
  • Toffi Booth Set                               (663001)
  • Fizz Triplet Shelving                    (425100)
  • Reading Den                                  (664004)
  • Hexibob Ottomans                       (661020)
  • Sassy Single Sided Shelving       (425004)
  • Bantam Ottoman Set                  (661002)
  • Fiction Spinner                              (451003)
  • Vibrant Spinner                             (451001)
  • Sectional Browser Box                (453005)
  • Bowbob Ottoman                         (661019)
  • Snug Reading Shelter                  (664003)

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