Pineview Primary School

Pineview Primary School kept the natural timber look for most of its furniture, as the library carpet was already a vibrant blue and did not want to go over the top.

We have added in small amounts of colour with our Sassy Story Teller Chair, Wedge Set, Tas Browser Boxes and the Slatted Bay End Panels that tie in perfectly with the blue carpet and light wood coloured furniture.

Pineview Primary opted for metal shelving with Melamine Encasing to display its range of books. The Melamine Encasing option allows the students to showcase their artwork or even for the librarians to display more books, games or toys.

With the formation of the Tas BRowser Boxes and Sassy Story Teller Chair, we created a separate area for the younger students to enjoy, away from the older students. The Tas Browser Boxes are the perfect height for the little ones to find their picture books independently.



662012 – Sassy Twist with Shelving

425001 – Sassy Picture Book Display

453002 – Tas Browser Box

453003 – Tas Browser Box with Curved Seat

662002 – Sassy Story Teller Chair

441020 – Slice Table Set


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