North Harrisdale Primary School

The North Harrisdale Primary School library has a bright and fresh look that creates inspiring spaces for junior and senior students.

We were able to use the bright greens and grey colours in the larger furniture pieces, as in the Sassy Twist Couches and the Sassy Booth seats, so they would tie in with the existing green and grey carpets.

With the use of the Twist Shelving, we created a separate colourful space for the junior children to enjoy. By incorporating colourful shelving, the Sassy Story Teller Chair and the Book Rug, we were able to make this space as fun and colourful as possible for the juniors whilst giving the seniors a perfect study space.






452035 – Bough Tree

662012 – Sassy Twist with Shelving

421008 – Focus Bookcase

423001 – Twist Shelving

452028 – Pyramid Display

662002 – Sassy Story Teller Chair

661000 – Game Ottoman

153002 – Snakes and Ladders Wedge Set

664001 – Sassy Booth Seating

661005 – Flower Ottoman



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