Yanchep Rise Primary

Keeping within the same colour scheme as the staffroom, we have created a bright and comfortable environment for the students in their new Yanchep Rise Primary School library.

Carefully placed Twist Shelving creates sectioned areas within the open space. Bright, earthy colours on the Sassy Story Teller and Monster Flower Ottoman add a pop of colour, tying in with the carpet and natural wood shelving. The children at Yanchep Rise now have a variety of enjoyable seating options with the Sassy Curved Couches, Monster Flower Ottoman, and Sassy Oval Ottoman.

The combination of multiple Flip Top Tables and Acti Sled Chairs has given the students and the teachers a great area to come together and comfortably watch presentations or educational movies on their library’s big screens.




662002 – Sassy Story Teller

423001 – Twist Shelving

441013 – Flip Top Tables

662007 – Sassy Oval Ottoman

661006 – Monster Flower Ottoman

452028 – Pyramid Display

451003 – Fiction Spinner

662003 – Sassy Curved Couch


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