Our Lady’s Assumptions- Library

DVA designed and manufactured a fully custom built Library circulation desk, wall storage and extra storage in the storeroom for Our Lady’s Assumptions Primary School.

The storeroom drawers and cupboards were designed specifically to hold posters and large books flat.

By understanding how the librarians used this area, we were able to accommodate for all their needs.

The bench behind the main desk was built at 900H so they could use this space comfortably to laminate artwork and re-cover books. Plenty of lockable cupboard space was provided and open shelving for displays.

The main desk has space for 2 x workstations, both with their own set of on desk pigeon holes. Mobile pedestals were also included underneath the desk for that extra personal storage space. A “Book Return” dump box was installed at the end of the desk for a tidier way for students to return their library books.

We were able to create a very inviting and functional space for the Librarians to work in and for students and fellow teachers to visit.

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