Peter Carnley Anglican Community School

The Kindy room here at Peter Carnley Anglican Jnr School received a very bright and completely custom update.

When designing the custom-built furniture, we needed to keep in mind that there needs to be as much storage space as possible, whilst also making a fun and comfortable environment for the children.

The couches we designed are both practical and comfortable for both the students and the teachers. The couches were built low to the ground, making them suitable for the little ones to be able to get on and off with ease. The Shelving backing the couches, spans the entire length of all couches, providing ample storage/display options for books, artwork, games, toys and much more.

The custom-built Melamine pigeon holes were designed with the Kindy students height and needs in mind. All holes are easily accessible by all the students and a bench was added to the ends of the Pigeon holes for the children to sit on when requiring assistance with tieing their shoelaces.

Bright colours were a must in this space to tie in with the existing coloured floor and to bring in some more excitement for these Kindy students each day.

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