St Denis Catholic Primary School

The Year 1 students at St Denis Catholic College have received an amazing upgrade to their classroom.

With the custom-built pigeon holes spanning nearly the entire length of the classroom, we have created an endless amount of storage for both the teacher and the students to use.

The multiple desks and seating arrangements that been incorporated into this room have provided the students with plenty of exciting learning opportunities.

The two reading dens and the use of the smaller Sassy couches have created a colourful and comfortable space in which the year ones are able to relax and feel safe and comfortable whilst reading their picture books.




  • Sway Tables         (750023)
  • Vision Table         (446002)
  • Reading Dens     (664004)
  • Sassy Couch        (662009)
  • Round Ottoman (661018)
  • Pigeon Holes       (453012) – Custom size

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