Brabham Primary School

Brabham PS

At Brabham Primary School Library, we have created a collaborative learning space that can be adapted to all age groups. We paired Kink Tables with bright Round Ottomans to achieve this. Our Melamine Shelving from the Sassy Range is used to display a wide range of books, incorporating brightly coloured slatted bay end panels for added vibrancy.

The grand centerpiece of this library is our Sassy Twist with Shelving, which creates a fun and comfortable space to enjoy the many books. The curved shelving backing the couches serves as a practical display for games, books, puzzles, and artwork. Additionally, we set up our TAS Browser Boxes and Sassy Storyteller Chair to create an inviting space for young children to browse and enjoy picture books. The browser boxes are the perfect height for all children to access the books independently.




662002 – Sassy Story Teller Chair

430003 – Slatted Bay End Panels

662012 – Sassy Twist with Shelving

425005 – Sassy Double Sided Shelving

425004 – Sassy Single-Sided Shelving

453002 – Tas Browser Box

453003 – Tas Browser Box with Curved Seat

441004 – Kink Table

425001 – Sassy Picture Book Shelving

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