St Denis Catholic Primary School

By utilising a large range of furniture, the year 4 classroom here at St Denis Catholic College has received a full colourful makeover.

We have given the year 4 students a bright, fun and enjoyable learning environment with a wide range of seating options and custom-made storage.

Using the custom-made pigeon holes with storage cabinets and the Twist shelving units, the students now have plenty of space to store their artwork, books and stationery.

The bright green Sassy 1/4 curved couches, paired with the Game Ottoman, have created the perfect little getaway corner where the students can play with one another or relax and read a book.





  • Sway Tables                        (441001)
  • Game Ottoman                  (152008)
  • Sassy 1/4 Curved Couch  (662003)
  • Twist Shelving                   (423002)
  • Bloom Stools                      (B70-910070)
  • Curved Ottoman                (661008)
  • Toffi Couch                         (663002)
  • Square Ottoman                (661013)

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