St Denis Catholic Primary School Yr4 – Classroom

St Denis Catholic College Year 4 Classroom

By utilising a large range of furniture, the year 4’s classroom here at St Denis Catholic College has received a full colourful makeover.

With the use of a wide range of seating options and custom made storage, we have been able to give the year 4 students a bright, fun and enjoyable learning environment.

Using the custom made pigeon holes with storage cabinets and the Twist shelving units, the students now have plenty of space opportunities to store their artwork, books and stationery.

The bright green Sassy 1/4 curved couches, paired with the Game Ottoman, has created the perfect little getaway corner where the students can either play with one another or relax and read a book.


Products Featured:

  • Sway Tables                        (441001)
  • Game Ottoman                  (152008)
  • Sassy 1/4 Curved Couch  (662003)
  • Twist Shelving                   (423002)
  • Bloom Stools                      (B70-910070)
  • Curved Ottoman                (661008)
  • Toffi Couch                         (663002)
  • Square Ottoman                (661013)

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