Baldivis North Primary School Library

The library at Baldivis North Primary School received a bright and fresh update.

By using deep blues and light greys on the larger furniture pieces, e.g., Booths and Sassy Twist set, we were able to create a modern and clean study and reading area for the older students. The fabric was used to tie in the blue carpet and the use of a golden wood-look melamine was used to counterbalance the blue tones.

A lighter wood shade and bright vinyl colours were used for the furniture in the junior section (e.g., TAS browser boxes, TAS seating, Kink Ottomans) to brighten the space and create a fun and functional reading and learning area.


  • Sassy Booth (664001)
  • Sassy Twist with Shelving (662012)
  • Fiction Spinner (451003)
  • TAS Browser Box (453002)
  • TAS Browser Box with Curved Seat (453003)
  • TAS Browser Box with Square Seat (453004)
  • Kink Ottoman set (661004)
  • Mobile Metal Shelving (424002)
  • Metal Shelving (424001)


  • Warwick Jigsaw – Indigo
  • Warwick Jenga – Indigo

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